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Learn Design Thinking Skills now

WIRED is hosting a 1-day skill training where you learn Visual Thinking & Storytelling, an important part of any innovation processes.

Being Visual is a fundamental part of Design Thinking and other innovation processes such as Google Design Sprints and Lean Startup. It enables better communication between team members, boosts presentations and brainstorming sessions and helps on consolidating and presenting ideas and visualizing data.

This 8-hour workshop will provide you with input, tools and methods to express yourself and think more visually and to transform complex contexts, messages and data into clear visualizations easy to understand and better to remember. The course will support you on defining icons and metaphors that illustrate your business matters and give you frameworks to better communicate with your team and audiences.

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Application deadline is the 12th of June 2017!


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        1-day Skill Training
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Content and outcome of the Skill Training

Team Communication

Diverse teams are a basis for innovation, however communication is usually a barrier to make the best out of your team. Alignment on strategies, processes, steps and deliverables often takes hours and hours in on-going meetings.

Being Visual provides you the tools to enable better communication amongst team members. You will get to know solutions like visual frames for meetings and learn how to create your own canvas to visualise projects, businesses concepts and processes.

Visual Storytelling

Struggling to have a wow effect on your presentation? Too much text on slides and graphs that don’t tell anything? What about learning some hints from the masters of animation and comics to boost your presentations?

With some small frameworks, you will complement your presentations with visuals that are actually helpful to convey into the messages you want. And although drawing it is a big piece on thinking visually, it is just one of the several tools that one can use. Resources like free icons libraries and fonts will be presented and hints on how to use better stock photos.

Brainstorming and Prototyping

In the fire of thinking of new products and services, there is not much time to spend on making a nice drawing, however they are definitely helpful to make ideas be better understood and to stick out.

We will work on your visual vocabulary, on creating meaningful quick sketches and your craft skills to prototype ideas. You will learn how to make sharp and crispy storyboards and illustrate the value of your idea.

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When you’re first thinking through an idea, it’s important not to get bogged down in complexity. Thinking simply and clearly is hard to do.
– Richard Branson –

The agenda of the skill training


The first module is focused on understanding the framework to visualise processes. The participants will learn the first steps on how to break down complex concepts into small elements to be visualised.


After learning some principles, now it is time to translate ideas and concepts into simple visuals.
Create a vocabulary and tricks to express anything. This module is focused on creating strategies to communicate in teams and facilitate dialogue.


The final module is a deep dive on storytelling. How to create storyboards, presentations and visual maps that can be used to convey more complex ideas. You will learn the principle of storyboard to pitch a project, service, product or idea and how to make it more powerful.

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The purpose of visualization is insight, not pictures.
– Ben Shneiderman –


  • Learn how to encode complex messages into simple visuals
  • Acquire new tools and methods to craft your next presentation
  • Create a common vocabulary for team meetings
  • Develop facilitation skills to mediate intercultural teamwork
  • Gain an understanding on how data and information can be visualized
  • Train Illustration skills oriented to your daily professional needs

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The greatest value of a picture is when it forces us to notice what we never expected to see.
– John Tukey –


  • Are you pitching projects and ideas?
  • Are you working in multidisciplinary teams and need to communicate complex informations? Do you need to visualize data more clearly?
  • Are you leading or part of the innovation team within your company?
  • Are you constantly working on presentations for your company, agency, business model, PhD or classes?
  • Do you want to find out how to visually express process, methods and results?
  • Do you need to create more engaging visual metaphors for frameworks and theories?

This workshop is for anyone: coworkers that constantly work on any kind of presentations; innovators (to be); team leaders and members who need to facilitate processes and organize multidisciplinary and multicultural teams; PhD candidates looking for ways to visualize and present their research findings and theories; trainers aiming at craft better didactic materials; and entrepreneurs looking for ways to explain their new start up.

There are no special/professional graphic design/drawing skills required.

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Mauro Rego

About the trainer

Mauro Rego is a brazilian designer with focus on interface and user experience. He is interested in designing new learning environments and products that impacts people’s life.

Mauro is Managing Partner and Designer at Boana, a design studio for Software that he co-founded. There he designs and craft digital products together with startups and big organizations and put them on the market. He has worked in projects with companies like Airbus, Ableton, Bayer, Google, Fjord and HPI Academy (to name few).

Prior to Boana, he has worked as in-house designer at Telekom Innovation Labs and at SAP supporting projects on research, visual, service and product design for different industries and countries like Germany, Oman, Kenya, Brazil, Bulgaria and the U.S.A. And has founded the biggest crowd-learning platform in Brazil called

He also co-run the Service Design Berlin and the Service Experience Camp, an organization that connects user experience and service designers, customer service ex­perts as well as everyone interested in the discipline, topic and methods. The goal is to bring people with a service-oriented mindset together and create platforms for sharing experiences, exploring new tools and expanding knowledge.

Mauro has attended the HPI - School of Design Thinking and holds a Master degree in Service and Interface Design from the Köln International School of Design.

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The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.
– Carly Fiorina, Former CEO of HP –


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