Wage against the machine?

An interactive session on the future of work with WIRED Executive Publisher Eike Lucas

- Meet WIRED at the Social Media Week Hamburg -

February, 28th 2017

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Session by Eike Lucas


The way we work is rapidly changing and with that it changes our economy and society. Especially Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a field that has a long history but its real impact will unfold in the near future.

The first part of this sessions is an introduction on aspects, trends and developments regarding the future of work. From current methods to upcoming technologies and cultural change as well as implications for services, products and the processes that enable us to understand, use and take advantage of new inventions faster.

In the second and interactive part all participants together will take a closer on idea generation and pain points that could be solved with technology.

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Eike Lukas

About the speaker

Eike Lucas is Executive Director of WIRED Germany and takes over the responsibility for its economic activities. Before joining WIRED, he held the position of CMO at the innovation platform and consulting firm Pioneers, which organizes the pioneering festival in Vienna. Furthermore he worked as a Marketing & PR Manager at, where he led the European PR team.