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3-day WIRED Class

Digitalisation: How to transform and innovate your business


Change the way you do business now

WIRED is hosting a 3-day WIRED class in Berlin covering the major opportunities and challenges arising from digitalisation.

This WIRED Class will prepare you with the necessary skills to address the processes, structures, and evaluation methods necessary to enact innovation and transformation within your organisation. It will help you to explore how your company can evolve its business model and extract the most value from digital technologies. You will be introduced to the internet giants - what big bets are companies making in their digital transformation and organisational structures? What are some of the innovations shaping the future? You will work with strategies that help you focus on creating customer value and learn new tools to innovate.

The class is open for everyone who wants to get prepared for the future. We are aiming at professionals, creatives, marketeers, entrepreneurs, consultants, at individuals who wish to enrich their knowledge about digitalisation, to understand the major shifts of society and economy that arise from transformation and disruption, who want to go a step further and stay innovative, creative, and ahead of the curve.

The typical agenda of our WIRED classes

Listen to Sara Silfverberg, class facilitator and learning designer, describing the typical formats and agenda of a WIRED class.

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A great deep dive into the digital world, very well steered and full of new stimuli!
– Nicole Nitschke, Coty Prestige –

The agenda


Look ahead at future trends and technologies and how they will change human behaviour.

Recognize new digital technologies that are disrupting society and how this will impact your business.

Explore the start-up mindset and learn methods to innovate products and services


Identify new products and markets that can be accessed through digital technologies

Explore assumptions in your organisation and how you can change it to foster innovation.

Gain knowledge and ideas through hands-on exercises that focus on customer centricity and value design.


Learn new perspectives to think about innovation, business modeling, strategies and tactics.

Adapt your structures and processes to take advantage of opportunities and reduce digital threats.

Develop a digital strategy that leverages your competitive advantage and preserves it for the future.


Through this course you will shift your mindset into new ways of thinking and working - you will generate effective action plans, strategies focused on customer value and new tools to innovate your organisation:

• Deepen your knowledge on the impact of disruptive technologies

• Understand the bigger shifts in society through times and the effect it has on human behaviour

• Explore startup culture and innovation thinking

• Explore the possibilities in customer centric innovation

• Develop strategies generating customer value

• Develop your ability to work in more productive and effective ways in order to achieve results

• Get hands-on tools to spur innovation in your organisation

• Generate a personal action plan in order to bring the learnings back to your business

Who should participate in this class?

● You want to transform your business?

● You want to achieve leadership skills: to foster a culture that can survive in the changing business landscape?

● You have a leading role within your team or in your organization and want to future proof your organization?

● You wish to explore the major shifts in society and how it is affecting your business?

● You wish to drive innovation and value creation within your team or organization?

We are aiming at professionals, creatives, marketeers, entrepreneurs, consultants, at individuals who wish to enrich their knowledge about digitalisation, to understand the major shifts of society and economy that arise from transformation and disruption, who want to go a step further and stay innovative, creative, and ahead of the curve.

The facilitators

Sara Silfverberg

Sara is a learning designer, facilitator and business consultant focusing on change management and business transformation through digital innovation, and part of The Other Potential. She has been part of accelerating the growth process of many start-ups and currently she is focusing on innovation for a nonlinear TV production startup. She has many years of experience working as a consultant for creative business school Hyper Island, with clients such as Ericsson, Google and Sapient Nitro.
Sara is deeply passionate about education and is currently running projects that work on improving the effect and result of education within genres of sports; thanks to building better processes, better access to information and inspiration, and possibilities to function as a networked learning organisation.

Sarah Gregersen

Sarah is a learning designer, facilitator and founder of The Other Potential - a tribe of people passionate about facilitation, leadership and education. She is an awarded process consultant, trainer and facilitator. Sarah has over a 10 year period worked with teams and leaders, to increase their innovation. Sarah is a graduated Kaospilot and holds an Ma in Creative and Cultural Leadership from University of Portsmouth, UK. She was formerly Head of Design at Hyper Island and Advisor at 30 weeks, Google’s design accelerator in New York City. In 2013 Sarah was featured in leading Danish business paper Borsen, as one of Denmark’s 100 most talented young leaders in Danish Business.


Nikolaus Röttger is editor-in-chief of WIRED GERMANY, based in Berlin, the epicenter of the German digital and start-up scene. He reports on one of the greatest adventures of our age: the invention of the future. Röttger was previously editor-in-chief of the online magazine Gründerszene.de and as managing editor, developed the financial magazine Business Punk. Nikolaus worked at Gruner + Jahr for eight years in various positions.

Måns Adler is founder of Bambuser and Tech Director at Ustwo Product Studio in Malmö. He holds a masters degree in the art of work science as well as a degree from the KaosPilots. His professional portfolio also includes work for Linden labs (Second life) in San Francisco, setting up a lab environment at STPLN in Malmö together with the research institute Medea at Malmö University. An open work space where people can prototype for the internet of things.

Alexander Egeler is a technical director and consultant at SapientNitro in Munich. In this position, he is responsible for implementing digital marketing solutions and large-scale omni-channel architectures at leading global enterprises across Germany, Sweden, the UK, US and India. Alexander loves working with multi-disciplinary teams of Strategists, Visual Designers, Information Architects and Developers who share his passion for new technologies that challenge the status quo. He took his first steps into digital as the co-sysop for the Amiga section of a bulletin-board-system in 1994.


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