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Within 25 years, WIRED has developed itself into the opinion leader in digital business. You can benefit from this wide range of expertise with our numerous experts and keynote speakers. Our WIRED experts and speakers are professionals of the digital world and know all the trends which will drive our future society.

We can also provide you with a variety of excellent panel hosts, who are able to professionally lead discussions. As shown in numerous WIRED conferences and panels, our experts are able to skillfully host discussions in order to get the maximum of either information and entertainment for the audience.


We have a wide range of speakers, fitting to every topic on digital transformation. Pur experts and presenters are able to professionally lead your chats and discussions.

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Nikolaus Röttger

Speaker & Expert

Nikolaus Röttger is editor-in-chief of WIRED GERMANY, based in Berlin, the epicenter of the German digital and start-up scene. He reports on one of the greatest adventures of our age: the invention of the future. Röttger was previously editor-in-chief of the online magazine Gründerszene.de and as managing editor, developed the financial magazine Business Punk. Nikolaus worked at Gruner + Jahr for eight years in various positions.

Eike Lucas

Speaker & Expert

Eike Lucas is Executive Director of WIRED Germany and takes over the responsibility for its economic activities. Before joining WIRED, he held the position of CMO at the innovation platform and consulting firm Pioneers, which organizes the pioneering festival in Vienna. Furthermore he worked as a Marketing & PR Manager at Fab.com, where he led the European PR team.

Dr. Claudia Pelzer

Speaker & Facilitator

Dr. Claudia Pelzer is a Berlin-based media economist with 10+ years of experience in digital business development consultancy. She holds a PhD in Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship from Technical University of Berlin and her focus is on helping companies to innovate their business models and organizational frameworks by applying entrepreneurial thinking and work culture.
Before she joined WIRED, she worked for Business Development Consultancies with focus on Media & ICT in Cologne and Berlin, for Broadcasters such as Westdeutscher Rundfunk, and for UFA LAB - a Digital Innovation Unit of Fremantle Media and part of RTL Group.

Domenika Ahlrichs

Panel Host

Domenika Ahlrichs is Assistant Chief Editor of WIRED Germany. Before she was working as assistant chief editor at ZEIT online. Her career started at the NZ Netzzeitung, a German news website. She received her Master’s degree on American and German studies at the University of Heidelberg.
Domenika Ahlrichs was one of the leading hosts at a re:publica 2017 panel about the European Digital Charter.

Karsten Lemm

Speaker & Expert

Karsten Lemm is a Senior Editor with WIRED Germany in Berlin. He moved back to his native Germany in 2014 after 16 years in San Francisco. As a business and technology correspondent for a variety of publications, Karsten got to meet Google while still in beta, Jeff Bezos when Amazon was predicted to be a dot.bomb, and the Tesla roadster when there were only two of them. Karsten holds a Master’s degree in Political Science and English Literature and occasionally likes to go analogue by picking up something printed on paper.

Dominik Schönleben

Tech Expert

Dominik Schönleben is responsible for the three big “Gs” at WIRED: Games, Geeks and Gadgets. Within this cosmos his favorite topic of 2016 were virtual reality headsets. For WIRED he tested all consumer VR, both high-end and for smartphones. He also visited Germanys first VR cinema and talked with indie game developers about their ideas for this new media. Dominik is sure, that now is the moment when it will be decided, if VR will become a mass phenomenon or a niche topic.

Maks Giordano


Maks Giordano is a Digital Strategist and Creative. He co-founded the digital consultancy „kreait“ in 2011 with a focus on creating meaningful, user-centric and highly relevant digital services and helping organizations in their digital transformation. He is currently consulting BMW, Deutsche Telekom, eBay, UEFA and many others in Digital Innovation and was responsible for the re-launch of Condé Nast’s Digital Activities in Germany.
He previously worked in leading positions with ID Media and MetaDesign, and then co-founded iconmobile, one of the first mobile agencies, and took it international.

Dirk Hofmann


Dirk Hofmann is a veteran of the mobile phone industry, with more than 15 years of experience in various roles, at Siemens, BenQ, Nokia and Deutsche Telekom.
During those years he has defined and realized more than 20 phones, tablets and wearables with own and OEM teams around the world.
He has build Think Tanks and Trend Research Networks, has setup Big Data programs as well as he defined new consumer driven innovation teams.
Big Data, Internet of Things as well as agile development methods have been on his agenda far before those became buzzwords.


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