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Digital Strategy Days

Prepare for the future

Gain deep insights - Work on ideas - Experience digital products - Go on a startup-tour/Learn MVP

The target of the Digital Strategy Days is to boost your team with an overall knowledge and understanding of the latest digital developments and their impact on the future. Get your management team to experience disrupting digital products and innovative tools in an inspiring environment. Industry experts will talk about changes, trends and tools in their industries and bring enough time to chat with you about their thoughts on your challenges. Together with your team you will work on ideas and projects and will develop new business models to transform your business and the future of your company. You will get to know relevant startups in a tour through their offices or learn how to develop an MVP (minimum viable product).

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Get an early look at the future leveraging the collective intelligence of WIRED's network.

The Modules of the Digital Strategy Days

The content of our workshops is constantly evolving and adapting to the latest trends in the market. As part of the preparation of the Digital Experience Day, we adjust the content based on your company’s needs. Based on a briefing session some weeks before the event we will tailor the program specifically to your needs.

Digital Update & Deep Dive

a) Latest Trends & Technologies

b) Key Markets & New Market Entrants

c) The Change in Consumer Behaviour & new Consumer Segments

d) Experience Digital Products & Innovative Tools

A first idea of possible topics

Mobile: Insights into messaging plattforms like Snapchat, Line and Whatsapp, how leading companies integrate mobile into their userexperience and how the App Store is changing business.

Content Marketing: In what way are BuzzFeed and Vice reshaping the economics of publishing? And how does RedBull make sure to constantly produce one viral hit after another?

Over the top TV: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Watchever are a threat to linear TV. What have Smart TVs to offer and how will Chromecast and Apple TV change the market?

Social media: Facebook special. Partner, competitor, marketing channel? Find out how to use the Facebook AD Planner and learn how leading Facebook publishers operate their sites successfully regarding user engagement and viral growth.

Big Data: Understand how leading companies are using collected data to develop new products, understand their customers better and maximize their revenue streams.

Targeted Advertising: How digital advertising approaches its promise to minimize wastage and show relevant content. E.g. Learn about Google’s AdSense program and hear from Open Graph applications like Moviepilot and others.

Get your management team to experience disrupting digital products and innovative tools in an inspiring environment, far away from everyday work. Virtual Reality Headsets, 3D printers, fitness bracelets, Amazon Echo, Google Chromecast and Pebble smart watches are waiting for your team to be tested, played with and learned from.

Inspirational Talks & Discussions with key experts

Industry experts and players of the respective field will talk about hands-on insightes, changes, trends and tools in their industries and bring enough time to chat with you about their thoughts on your challenges.

Startup-tour or learn how to build an MVP

In a tour through their offices you will get to know relevant Startups of your respective field. You will get to know relevant startups in a tour through their offices or leanr how to build an MVP (minimum viable product).


The Digital Strategy Days for the financial industry

Example schedule of a FinTech 2-day workshop

The goal of the Digital Strategy Days is it to tackle a major challenge from your business head on. We match your management team with leading experts, thought leaders and startups from the financial industry and organize an intensive 2 day experience to make your team ready for the digital revolution.

Agenda Day 1

Day 1 is aimed at connecting you with subject matter experts andthoughleader from the field and learning from their experience and knowledge. Throughout the day your team is tasked to write down any ideas they come up with during the talks to discuss and work on them later. After each talk there is time for discussion and each expert will stay for the whole day.

Welcome & Intro

Session 1: Quick overview: The latest trends in social and mobile

Session 2: Unbundling the traditional bank

Session 3: Invited Speaker / How to leverage big data in the financial world

Session 4: How millenials tick and what they expect from banks

Session 5: Invited speaker / How blockchain and bitcoin attach the basis of banking

Session 6: Invited speaker / Agile product development "Build-Measure-Learn" hands on


Informal dinner with all participants and speakers of the day

Agenda Day 2

Day 2 focuses on letting your team experience digital products and the companies behind such offerings. In the morning your team will learn „hands on“ what customer interaction will be like in the future through Virtual and Augmented Reality, the Internet of Things with connected Wearable Devices and individualized services like chat-bots. Followed by a tour through Berlin visiting two startups in the FinTech domain. You will talk to their founders, employees and experts and experience their work first hand. Alternatively you can focus on your product development process (MVP/Minimum Viable Product). The day and workshop ends with a session to wrap up the learnings and impression of the two days.

Welcome back

Session 1: Hands on: Customer Experience of the future (Group split up and walks through the various experience stations)

Session 2 (Alternative A): Startup-Tour to 2 Startups with introduction of startup, discussion round with founder(s) about his/her view on market trends, challenges and learnings

Session 2 (Alternative B): Learn how to build an MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Session 3 Collecting impressions and reflections: What did we learn? What does it mean for us? Identified actions!

Farewell drink

Digital Strategy Days

The Topical Deep Dive Workshop


2-Day Workshop

Tailor-made program for your needs and interests

Several external experts and key representatives

Startup-Tour or MVP

At WIRED Berlin

Participants: max. 50

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