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Digital Experience Day

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The goal of the Digital Experience Day is to give you an initial understanding of the major market developments caused by the digital transformation. The insights and learnings you will gather during the day will help you to identify potential opportunity fields for your company worth analyzing more in detail.

How does a Digital Experience Day look like?

The agenda of the Digital Experience Day

The content, schedule and format is tailored to give your team a comprehensive 360° outlook on what is going on in the digital world and how it is changing the industries your company is operating in.

Digital Update

a) Latest Trends & Technologies

b) New Market Entrants to watch

c) The Change in Consumer Behaviour

d) New requirements for all Market Particpants

Learn together with your team about the latest trends of the major industries, new market entrants worth watching and the changes in the consumer behavior creating new requirements for all market participants.

Challenges & Opportunities arising from Digitalisation and Transformation

a) Value Chains

b) Business Models

Make your management-team and your company aware of the challenges and opportunities of the digital transformation lying ahead. You will also dive into the impact of the digitalization for the value chain and business models of industries.

Way of Working

In the way of working section you will learn how agile and lean business processes can help you to cope with this dynamic changes of the market environment.

Learnings & Insights

A holistic overview of the latest developments in the digital world

  • Latest industry trends such as Internet of Things, Wearables, social media, FinTech, new publishing models, AdTech, mobile, etc.
  • Overview about new market entrants worth to follow up
  • The latest developments on the consumer side, such as the rising importance of Millennials
  • Impact of the digitalization of businesses on the value chain and business models
  • Changes in the way of working of companies, i.e. “Build-Measure-Learn”

A Digital Experience Day for the Financial Industry

Example schedule of a FinTech One Day Starter Kit Workshop

The goal of the Starter Kit is to bring your team in tune with the chances the digital transformation are bringing to your industry. It's a 1-day program especially tailored to your needs and perfect to give your team a glimpse into the future.


Welcome & Intro

Session 1: How Mobile, Social and Big Data are changing consumer habits and interaction

Session 2: Unbundling the traditional bank

Session 3: How big corporations and startups collaborate on FinTech

Session 4: Build - Measure - Learn: How startups work (and what you could learn from it)

Reflection of the day

Digital Experience Day

The Starter Kit Session



At your company's Location or at WIRED in Berlin

Participants: Up to 200

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