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What is a Hackathon?

The overall goal of the hackathon is to foster collaboration between all different companies.

The participants of the hackathon are mainly coming from the development departments or departments working together with the development departments (i.e. product and/or project management).

The idea is to form mixed teams over all employees/departments/companies to generate new ideas & products that should be presented at the end of the hackathon.

Hackathon Experience

CASE: Copenhagen Business School - IBM Watson - Roskilde festival

Cognitive systems like IBM Watson are changing the way the world responds to real-time data. Whether the enterprise is seeking a new way to reach the customer or a musical festival in Roskilde, Denmark, is trying to anticipate crowd participation, IBM is reaching out to businesses and academia to help predict consumer behavior.

The annual Roskilde Festival in Denmark, 179 Performances. 130,000 Visitors. 10 Days. IBM Analytics. Proved every piece of data from things visitors buy, to places where they spend their time, is fed to IBM Watson. Students had to create the most efficient plan for the world’s shortest-living city. Students uncovered from how weather influences food consumption and which artists draw and maintain a crowd.


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