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WIRED Classes for Clients

Tailored for your company

Unique solutions for unique challenges

The business landscape is changing rapidly with the digital revolution. To thrive in this new world, you need to become a learning organization which can anticipate and adapt to change. We take a hands-on consultative approach towards your business and challenges, always focusing on unlocking the full potential whether it’s for individuals, small groups, larger teams or the entire organization. We design customized solutions for you according to your specific needs and bring with us the perspective of embracing digital and understanding big societal shifts. Collaboration is key and we build tailored learning experiences for leaders and members to reach both strategic and tactical objectives.

We work with local and global clients across borders and industries. Our goal is to support your company in becoming a learning organization and building an innovative business culture to take on current and future challenges and be “real world ready” in the fast- evolving business landscape.

The design process of a WIRED Class tailored for clients

A WIRED Class will be tailored after an intensive elaboration of your company's needs, digital status quo, challenges and targets. Together with you we work on the aim of the class and the desired outcome. The delivery team - consisting of facilitators and speakers - will be carefully selected in order to bring the learning to a higher level.

Regardless from your unique needs and wishes all WIRED classes consist of certain components like presentations, inspirational speakers sessions, workshops and reflection time.

Learning Journey

Format and agenda of a WIRED Class

Listen to our learning designer and facilitator Sara Silfverberg explaining the typical format and agenda of a WIRED Class

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“It’s tough when markets change and your people within the company don’t.”
– Harvard Business Review –

How to transform and innovate your business


We provide you with a deeper understanding of the impact of disruptive technologies and the effect on society and human behavior. You will get to discover changes in the business landscape that affect consumer behaviour, marketing and communication. In order to get to know new perspectives on existing ways of thinking and working, we will provide you with tools and methods to support innovation within your organisation and how to integrate them in everyday worklife.

How can your company develop and drive new business models in a connected world?

Understand how the digital (r)evolution impacts societal change and how to invent and work in the future in order to stay relevant!

New consumer lifecycles and product innovation


Explore changing consumer behavior in the connected world and understand the concept of human centered design as the most effective approach to develop and design future products and services that succeed in a world of constant transformation

Get to know how to make your customer’s needs the core driver for your business and learn how to develop new products and services, in order to create a valuable consumer journey for a long lasting relationship with your client!

Leadership in times of transformation and innovation


To lead and unite your team during a process of change and transformation is an amazing challenge. We will provide you with leadership skills needed to succeed in a connected world and relevant factors to build productive teams.

The innovation methods we communicate will maximize the creativity within groups and you will learn to lead with vision during change and transformation processes, unleash potential throughout the organization.

Define leadership in new ways and enable your team to incorporate innovation and embrace change as an amazing opportunity.

Facilitation Essentials


Gain the knowledge of incorporating the principles of facilitation for anyone who leads organizational change initiatives, group processes, meetings and workshops

Get a theoretical and practical knowledge of facilitation, the processes and how they evolve to facilitate complex situations and unlock the full potential of groups with diverse participants.

Start to design effective meetings and productive workshops and facilitate the communication between your team

Facilitation can be used when the goal is to generate new ideas, new solutions, or maybe create a new culture of collaboration in a team


If you are interested in our open classes check out WIRED Campus!

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Further information needed?

Please feel free to contact us in order to create a tailored solution for your team. We will consider your individual needs, targets and wishes for a suitable offer!


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